Hooray for real fonts on the web!


Typekit is an upcoming typeface hosting service which will provide vetted fonts that you can include in your site's stylesheet using the @font-face mechanism. Jeffrey Veen explains:

“Every major browser is about to support the ability to link to a font. This is a massive upgrade for the web. But there's a problem. While it's technically quite easy to link to fonts, it's legally more nuanced. Almost all fonts are protected by copyright – even those available for free – and very few of them allow for linking via CSS or redistribution on the web. That's where Typekit comes in. We've been working with foundries to develop a consistent web-only font linking license. We've built a technology platform that lets us to host both free and commercial fonts in a way that is incredibly fast, smoothes out differences in how browsers handle type, and offers the level of protection that type designers need without resorting to annoying and ineffective DRM.”

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Kris Marissens

Kris Marissens is a graphic designer and front-end web developer, likes his coffee black (no sugar) and is a proud father of 2. Chances are you can admire his soft tone of voice when you give us a call.