ByteMe {sharp design, smooth production}

What's up, doc?

Byte Me is a small graphic design studio located just outside of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Kris Marissens (Hi there!) who runs this little show, is a graphic designer, front-end web developer, husband and father of two.

You may have noticed Kris has a soft spot for toy hero figurines, especially when they belonged to his (soon to be) sixteen-year-old son and his ten-year-old daughter. Other than that he is a well balanced highly motivated creative fellow who likes to sink his teeth in just about every inspiring project that comes his way.

We are still (re)decorating this little space, but you are—of course—most welcome to point, click, swipe and even tap around.

Meet the amazing crew

Willy Van den Driessche

Willy Van den Driessche is a brilliant software architect, mathemagician and developer. He likes his coffee stirred, not shaken. Come father's day Willy gets lots of presents from his wonderful son and two lovely daughters.

Predator Hare

Kris Marissens is a graphic designer and front-end web developer. Thrives on coffee, black, hot, no sugar; and is a proud father of 2 fabulous kids. Chances are you can admire his soft tone of voice when you give us a call.